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Anti-Peeper Key


protect your privacy by hiding the windows on your screen.

Date added: 17 Nov 2011 | v2.0.0.0

96 Total downloads

Folder Security


The software protects your folders on internal, external, and removable drives.

Date added: 17 Nov 2011 | v2.5.0

88 Total downloads



Hide files and have them automatically encrypted!

Date added: 21 Nov 2011 | v7.0.8

70 Total downloads

AQL Secure Password Generator


Create random passwords that are highly secure and extremely difficult to guess

Date added: 6 Feb 2012 | v2.00a

37 Total downloads

Web Password


Protect your web pages,html code with a password. Strong protection.

Date added: 6 Feb 2012 | v6.0.922

40 Total downloads

DeSofto SpamFilter


It kills most Spam immediately at the server without downloading.

Date added: 6 Feb 2012 | v5.35

48 Total downloads

LastBit Mail Password Recovery


Mail Password is a universal password recovery tool for POP3 email accounts.

Date added: 6 Feb 2012 | v6.0.382

34 Total downloads

DRM Plus Encryption Solution


Encrypt .wmv,.wma,.asf and manage Play Count,Play Time,Expiration Date

Date added: 6 Feb 2012 | v8.7

26 Total downloads

Powerpoint encryption advanced tool


Pack and encrypt ppt to exe,prevent copying& editing,protect distribution.

Date added: 6 Feb 2012 | v2.0

25 Total downloads

Word 2007 Password


Password recovery tool to retrieve Word 2007 passwords to open.

Date added: 6 Feb 2012 | v1.0 Build 242

1 Total downloads

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